Do You Dream of Owning Your Own Hot Tub?

Check out our line of Artisan Spas in Bozeman, MT

Do you have a backyard that just feels unfinished? Is your deck or patio in need of something else to complete your entertainment space? The team at Granite Peak Spas can help. We're a dealer for Artesian Spas. A new hot tub from a renowned company will provide a warm and relaxing retreat. Taking care of your outdoor spaces automatically increases your property value, and a well-maintained pool is worth even more.

Consider installing a new jacuzzi from Artesian Spas at your home in Bozeman, MT. We work with a lender to provide hot tub financing.

We'll handle the whole spa installation process

Once you've made the decision to become a spa owner, the team at Granite Peak Spas can walk you through the spa installation process. Once you begin the process, you will:

  • Select a spa style
  • Choose your details, such as size and color
  • Send your order
  • Let our team create your custom spa

Artesian spas are made to be extremely eco-friendly. The cabinets are sourced from recycled grain, and the tubs cost as little as $30 per month to run. Schedule your hot tub installation and ask about hot tub financing for customers in Bozeman, MT.

Artesian Spas provide the most effective, soothing and enjoyable form of relief when soaking in one of our hot tubs. Each hot tub is specifically designed to enhance the lifestyle and health of every customer. Not everybody is the same, which is why not every hot tub is the same. Artesian Spas provides more options and features than any other hot tub manufacturer.

Garden Spas are designed and manufactured to fulfill the quality standards of our discriminating consumers; those who require efficiency, quality and aesthetic appeal.

Stylish hot tubs with powerful performance

Designed with the utmost precision and care, the latest in technological advances and the most comfortable and intimate designs available on the market today. It's no secret that the implementation of a hydrotherapy routine can have a profound impact on your health, longevity

A pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one! Have all the benefits of a full size pool with less cost, less space and less maintenance.